(UPDATE: Sadly, the limited time has lapsed.) Yikes! SHOVEL READY ebook on sale for $1.99 (for a limited time)

UPDATE: Sadly this sale is over! When they said limited time they actually meant limited time. But watch this space for news on new sales. 

HEY YOU! Are you vaguely curious about my new novel, NEAR ENEMY, (which Esquire magazine called "outstanding" and part of "a golden age of crime fiction") but you haven't read the first one, SHOVEL READY?

Well, this may appeal to you: SHOVEL READY ebook is on sale this week for $1.99. (I've linked to Amazon for you Kindle-ites, but it's true wherever fine ebooks are sold.) 

That's just one dollar, plus ninety-nine additional cents. I'd say it's "no more than the price of something" but what even costs $1.99 anymore, EXCEPT THIS!!?!

Plus you get a free preview of NEAR ENEMY. Operators are standing by! Act now!