Updates! we've got updates!

There are lots of fun and interesting things going on, so rather than do an entry on each one I thought I'd do a kind of omnibus:




Longlist for the 2018 Sunburst Award: I'm pleased to note that THE BLINDS has been long-listed for the 2018 Sunburst Award, which recognizes the best in Canadian Literature of the Fantastic (which is, itself, a fantastic designation). I'm very happy to find myself here among such luminaries as Barbara Gowdy, Cory Doctorow, Elan MastaiEmma Richler, and Omal El Akkad. Next stop: Short list? Short list!

Speaking of luminaries: It was my great pleasure to participate at the most recent NOIR AT THE BAR, a fantastic ongoing reading series organized by Alex Segura and Scott Adlerberg. This lineup contained too many bright lights to list everyone (though you can see everyone, literally, here).

But I wanted to make special note of the presence of Lawrence Block, a living legend among crime writers. Block's Matthew Scudder novels are a landmark of 20th century crime fiction and you may also know him from the many film adaptations of his novels, notably A WALK AMONG TOMBSTONES with Liam Neeson, which I personally quite liked (you can find it at #4 here.) Sharing a bill with Block was especially meaningful for me, since it was my somewhat random purchase of his writing instructional, "Writing the Novel: From Plot to Print," in a used bookstore in San Diego some years ago that, in a very direct and significant way, prodded me toward writing my first novel. It's not just the advice that's good — though it's very good — but also Block's evident joy in the writing life and the wisdom he brings as someone who's built a significant canon of work outside the literary mainstream. So, yes, reader, I snapped a photo of Mr. Block COPYRIGHT STERNBERGH 2018 MUST CREDIT STERNBERGH: 

Lawrence Block at Kew & Willow bookstore

Speaking of fascinating crime writer-y types: I will be appearing on a panel on June 22 at Astoria Books with the aforementioned Alex Segura, Julia Dahl and Ivy Pochoda. The topic will be "Writing the Modern Crime Novel," though I suspect it may morph into something closer to "How to Try and Write in this Insane Age of Insanity." Mostly it will be three very smart people talking a lot while I take notes. But it will be a great event. Come on out.


Speaking of happiness: If you need a boost or are simply interested in the current state of the scence of well-being, I wrote this cover story for New York magazine on How to be Happier, which looks at a Yale university course called "Psychology and Well-Being" which is now the most popular course in the school's history.  

Speaking of SHOVEL READY: There is happy and encouraging news about a potential SHOVEL READY film which, sadly, I cannot share. Yet. But it's very cool and encouraging. Check back for more updates SEE WHAT I DID THERE.