on sale august 1, 2017

“Adam Sternbergh is a genre-bender of the highest caliber. Part thriller, part Western, part pulpy whodunit, The Blinds is a propulsive and meaningful meditation on redemption and loss. It’s witty, electrifying, vivid, and thoroughly original.” — DENNIS LEHANE

"A tense, broiling, 21st-century Western with a crafty premise... Every time the reader thinks this story’s turning right, it takes a hard left. But it never wanders in circles, and it does move like a championship stock car toward a climax that, however shattering, implies there’s more to come.” — KIRKUS REVIEWS (★STARRED REVIEW)

"A thrilling Western unlike any you've read before." — VULTURE

"A quick-paced story of crime and deception." — DALLAS MORNING NEWS

The Blinds is brilliantly original. Fast-paced, ranging, and inventive, Adam Sternbergh’s restless imagination once again conjures characters and scenarios with heartbreaking insight, peril, and startling stakes. Readers take heed; this is a hell of a ride.” — SMITH HENDERSON, AUTHOR OF FOURTH OF JULY CREEK

“Adam Sternbergh tops my list of drop-everything-and-read novelists. With hints of Charles Willeford and Philip K. Dick, and rendered with achingly beautiful prose, The Blinds plucks the strings of Sternbergh’s favored themes-identity, loss, meta-reality-creating a symphony of noirish grit and improbable grace.” — GREGG HURWITZ, AUTHOR OF ORPHAN X AND NOWHERE MAN

"Guilt, memory, and redemption swirl through this inventive science-fiction-based thriller."—PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

The Blinds is a wild, fever-dream of a novel. Posing questions about the power-and peril-of running from the past, Sternbergh’s vivid vision and the people he brings to life will haunt you long after you turn the shocking final pages.” — JULIA DAHL, AUTHOR OF INVISIBLE CITY AND CONVICTION